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Oceanside Appraiser

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I inspected the property in Oceanside for the appraisal Roll Tide Properties requested. It was a nice place with a view and large lot. I should have the appraisal report out by Tuesday morning. W.W. Appraisals, your Oceanside Appraisal specialists.


Mike Webb—W.W. Appraisals–San Diego County Appraiser www.wwappraisals.com


Oceanside Appraisal

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I have an appraisal appointment for Roll Tide Properties tommorrow here in Oceanside. We received an order for an appraisal in Chula Vista today from Homefront Mortgage and Brad is trying to set it for Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

 Mike Webb–W.W. Appraisals–Riverside County Appraisers– www.wwappraisals.com



Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Appraisals

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After a long day on the road yesterday, Tuesday, I have a lot of typing to do. My first stop was Coto De Caza, then two appraisals in Fullerton, an appraisal in Arleta, Ontario and finished the day up in the City of Riverside with my last appraisal appointment. A long day. I will be working on all appraisal reports here today in Oceanside, it is a beautiful day!! Thank you Aspire, Pacific Coast National, TMG, Best Rate and AMH Capital. Expect your reports to come over today and tommorrow.


Mike Webb—WW Appraisals– Your Los Angeles County Appraisers.

San Diego County Appraisals

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This morning I have been trying to get some appt. sheduled for today, which isn’t alway easy last minute. So far it looks promissing. I will head out to Rancho Bernardo for a purchase appraisal received last night from Bay Shore Mortgage, then head out to Valley Center for an appraisal from Aspire Home Loans and finishing my route through Escondido for a drive-by appraisal for Countywide Mortgage.

San Diego County Appraisals

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Today I will be completing an appraisal for Aspire Home Loans in Poway in The Trails development, and two appraisals for Bay Shore Mortgage, one in Rancho Santa Fe and one in Del Mar. Also, I will be scheduling the drive-by appraisal in Escondido, received on Friday from Countywide Mortgage, for Tuesday July 24th.

Southern California Appraisals

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Today I will be setting appointments for the following; Fullerton Appraisal for Best Rate solutions, Arleta Appraisal for AMH Capital, Ontario Appraisal for Countywide Mortgage, Riverside Appraisal for Aspire Home Loans, and Coto De Caza Appraisal for Pacifc Coast National. I am trying to set the appraisal appointments for Tuesday the 24th.

Mike Webb W.W. Appraisals- Appraising San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside County.

Diamond Bar Appraisal

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Left for the Diamond Bar Appraisal on Friday for Best Rate Solutions. I took Intersate 5 to Irvine, then to the toll roads to the 91. I jumped on the 71 into Chino Hills to go the back way on Grand to get to Diamond Bar. The traffic on the 57 was thick so I avoided it as much as possible. I should have the Diamond Bar Appraisal in to Best Rate on Monday morning.


Mike Webb W.W. Appraisals — serving Los Angeles, San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange and Riverside County

Appraisal Appointments

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I have the appraisal for Best Rate Solutions set up in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles County, on Friday. I have left a message to set an appraisal appointment in Ontario, San Bernardino county, for Countywide Mortgage but I have not heard back yet. I left a message for the appraisal requested by Aspire Home loans in the City of Riverside but the listing agent is not able to set the appraisal appointment until next week.

I started the day by researching a property in Spring Valley Lake in Victorville, nice places right on the lake. I also looked at rental comparables in Long Beach and Tarzana for a few of our Los Angeles County appraisal requests.

Mike Webb–W.W. Appraisals– www.wwappraisals.com


Tuesday @ BNI

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We received two appraisal referrals this morning at the meeting; one to call Mortgage 1 Lending and Don, from Platinum Capital Group, has a new loan officer that he will introduce us too. Hopefully we will see more southern California appraisal business!!

 Mike Webb

W.W. Appraisals–San Diego County Appraisers– www.wwappraisals.com

Tuesday-Southern California Appraisal Run

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I have three residential appraisals set for Tuesday. My first appraisal stop is a single family residence in Vista for Homefront Mortgage, then on to Anaheim for One Touch Lending, and my last appraisal inspection will be in Long Beach for Bay Shore Mortgage. Thank you Homefront, One Touch, and Bay Shore!! We really appreciate the appraisal business!! If you ever need any residential appraisals in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino or San Diego County please feel free to contact us @ www.wwappraisals.com

Michael Webb

W.W. Appraisals

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