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Fallbrook Appraisal

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This week I performed an appraisal on a 10 acre estate in Fallbrook California, San Diego County. This was a very complex appraisal due to the ammenities and size of the subject.

Valley Center Appraiser

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I have an appraisal appointment set in Valley Center, San Diego County, on Thursday for Aspire Home Loans. It is a purchase appraisal in Valley Center. I should have the Valley Center appraisal report in by Friday. Thank you Angela Adamoli from Aspire!!! We will get the appraisal to you as fast as we can.

Mike Webb     W.W. Appraisals   www.wwappraisals.com


Palm Springs Appraiser

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I have an appraisal appointment in Palm Springs on Thursday for Don Formiller at Platinum Capital Group. The property is located in the community of Pintura, a newer community in Palm Springs. I should have the report out by Friday, it is a purchase appraisal in Palm Springs. W.W. Appraisals you Riverside County, Palm Desert Appraisers.

 Mike Webb    W.W. Appraisals     www.wwappraisals.com


Rancho Bernardo Appraiser

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I have an appraisal appointment set for Thursday in Rancho Bernardo. HMC Funding sent through the request for the appraisal in Rancho Bernardo. Rancho Bernardo is a community in the city of San Diego. It is a purchase appraisal and I should have the appraisal report submitted by Friday. W.W. Appraisals serving San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino county.

 Mike Webb             W.W. Appraisals—Your San Diego County Appraisers



Property Tax Assessment Appeals

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W.W. Appraisals will begin performing property tax assessment appeals in San Diego County. We have noticed several neighborhoods that have decreased in value since 2005 and we will be targeting these San Diego neighborhoods in order to decrease the amount of property tax homeowners are paying. Many homeowners that have purchased their home within the last 2-3 years may be paying too much for their property tax.  If you feel you’re paying too much for property tax, contact WW Appraisals at www.wwappraisals.com for your free consultation.

San Diego Appraisals

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Today I completed 3 appraisal reports in San Diego County. One was for Home Loan Consultants, located in Pacific Beach, a community of the city of San Diego, and was a foreclosure purchase. One was for Bay Shore Mortgage, was located in Rancho Penasquitos, another community of the city of San Diego, and was a purchase appraisal as well. The other was for Aspire Home Loans, was located in Escondido, and was a refinance on a custom home on over 3 acres of land.

 Today we received another appraisal request from a client who found us online at www.wwappraisals.com. She searched for an Oceanside, Fannie Mae Appraiser.  W.W. Appraisals performs Fannie Mae Appraisals in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardindo Counties.

 Thank You,

Brad Webber- W.W. Appraisals: serving San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange Counties.

Riverside County Appraiser

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I have two appraisal appointments set in Riverside County on Friday. My first stop is in Menifee for an appraisal on a purchase near Menifee Lakes. The Menifee appraisal was ordered by Countywide Mortgage. Then on to the Murrieta Appraisal for Paradigm Mortgage. W.W. Appraisals, your Riverside County Appraisers.


San Diego County Appraiser

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I had two appraisal appointments in San Diego County today for TMG Finance. Both appraisal appointments were in Rancho Bernardo. Traffic was fairly light on the 15 North. I should have both Rancho Bernardo Appraisals in by tommorrow. W.W. Appraisals, Rancho Bernardo Appraisal Specialists.

W.W. Appraisals—Appraising San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County. www.wwappraisals.com


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